The Reitz Foundation’s collections comprise the objects of art and antiques collected by Lauri Reitz, who was one of the premier constructors developing Helsinki between the 1920s and 1950s. The family’s fortune was turned into a non-profit foundation by the will of Lauri Reitz’s widow, Maria Reitz, in 1971. The Reitzes’ former home on Apollonkatu, Helsinki, opened as a museum one year later.

Since its establishment, the foundation has been adding to Reitz’s original collections. On display in the museum are major works from Finnish art history, one of the country’s most valuable collections of antique silver, weapons dating from the sixteenth century onwards, porcelain items made by Meissen and Sèvres, and rare antique timepieces. The museum’s interior respects its original homelike atmosphere and includes diverse pieces of antique furniture from various eras.