Hanna Frosterus-Segerstråle:
Young Wedding Guest


Pastel on paper.

65,0 cm x 51,0 cm.

Young Wedding Guest (1887) by Hanna Frosterus-Segerstråle (1867–1946) depicts a sweet, fair-haired girl who has fallen asleep in an armchair. This was the breakthrough work for the then 20-year-old artist, winning her third place in the Ducat Competition in 1887. The painting is a fine representation not only of the artist’s sensitivity in portraying children but also of her masterful pastel technique. A review from 1887 stated that Frosterus-Segerstråle “handles chalks with love and evident skill.” Although Frosterus-Segerstråle painted children throughout her career, Young Wedding Guest remains her best-known work.